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2019 Mercedes GLC – Off-Road Test Drive

2019 Mercedes GLC – Off-Road Test Drive

2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class 300 4MATIC 258 horsepower (190 kW), 370 Nm

Different suspension characteristics can be chosen using the DYNAMIC SELECT switch: in the two setups «Sport» and «Sport+» the damping is more taut, while ride comfort is maximized in «Comfort» mode and «Eco» mode makes for particularly economical driving. Depending on the suspension, and in combination with the optional Offroad Engineering package, two off-road driving modes are also available: the «Offroad» mode is highly suitable for loose surfaces such as sand or gravel and snow. «Offroad+» is available for terrain with a firm or rocky surface or steep gradients. In this mode, traction control by means of specific, wheel-selective braking intervention simulates the effect of an active locking differential. The driving modes also modify the engine, transmission and steering characteristics.

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